Five things you must know before you book
the florist for your wedding day.

1. Make the flowers suit the wedding dresses

If possible take samples of dress fabric to the first appointment with the floral decorator. Bring a picture of the dresses if you have one, or describe in detail what the dresses will be like, so that the florist can co-ordinate the dresses with the flowers. Be specific. Tell the florist exactly what size you would like the bouquets to be, so that they are neither too big nor too small.

2. Have a realistic budget

Communicate a realistic budget with the floral decorator. This enables them to know what your limits are and what they have to do stay within the budget. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for and sometimes it’s better to have the look that you wanted rather than the ideal budget you had in mind. Flowers are a very important visual and feeling aspect of your wedding day.

3. Involve yourself in the creative process

If you know what you want for your wedding flowers then be curious about the whole plan and ask questions. Know exactly what sort of flowers are going to be used, so that there are no unexpected surprises you didn’t want on the day. A good starting point is to suggest flowers you love and not just accept what someone else thinks is best for you.

4. Time the delivery of the flowers to ensure they are as fresh as possible

Be clear about how you would like the florist to provide their service. Delivery on the day ensures the flowers are as fresh as possible. Some florists take on more than they can handle and compromise your timing as a result. Bouquets should be delivered just before the photographer arrives. Other flowers should be in final preparation mode just before the wedding, not days in advance.

5. Visualise what you and your florist have planned

In your minds eye, create a visual picture of what has been proposed. In this way you will get instant forecasting on all aspects of what you’ve chosen. You will have an opportunity to see where you might have to change or add to your order.